Paramedical Services

Physical Therapy

  • Prevention, diagnosis and treatment of problems with and the maintenance of locomotion, motor control function.
  • When a new resident is admitted, we carry out a thorough diagnostic assessment of her/his physical condition and adapt her/his treatment plan accordingly.
  • Our therapy focuses on improving and maintaining the resident’s locomotion in both individual and group settings.
  • Our physical therapy room includes a wide variety of physical therapy equipment.

Occupational Therapy

We carry out diagnostic assessments and offer various therapeutic activities, bearing  in mind:

  • Motor – range of motion, muscular strength, balance, etc.
  • Cognitive – orientation, memory, visual planning and organization.
  • Social – communication, leisure.

Guided Activities

  • Activities are carried out in both group and individual settings.
  • Group activities include motion exercises, discussing the news, music, etc.
  • Individual activities are adapted to each resident’s needs according to professional diagnostic assessments.


  • Monitoring the residents’ weight and responding to fluctuations thereof.
  • Monitoring the residents’ blood test results in order to assess their nutritional needs.
  • Working with each resident to improve her/his nutritional situation.
  • Monitoring the residents’ diets and modifying them if necessary.