1 Kikar Harakafot, Haifa

Meaningfulness and Community Life at Beth Joles

Beth Joles is located near Haifa’s Carmel Centre, close to cultural venues and shopping centres, concert halls, theatre, cinemas, restaurants, and cafes. A supermarket and bus stops where buses stop regularly, are close by.

Beth Joles’ great location enables residents to maintain as independent a lifestyle as they choose.

The apartments for independent residents are spacious. Our skilled nursing facilities are supervised and licensed by the Ministry of Health. We offer physical therapy and occupational therapy rooms. The large common area serves hot drinks 24/7. We have an events hall where fascinating cultural activities are held. The roomy sun patio looks out on the picturesque panorama of Haifa, with its ravines (wadis) and seascape. The dining room offers a family-like atmosphere, and a range of special services are available to all residents.

Our residents feel at home and enjoy themselves during this especially meaningful period of their lives. 

On our part, we think that working in a retirement residence is not merely about providing clean premises, good food and medical care. We feel that there ought to be a dimension of genuine concern and consideration for each and every resident and their specific needs and we try to supply that.

Our team is proud to provide support to all residents at all times at whatever stage they may be in their lives.

We understand that this period of life may be challenging, but the safe space that we have created and developed over many years enables our residents to live peacefully and enjoy life as they choose.

“I want to thank the entire team – the management, the social workers, the medical staff, and especially the nurse who treated me and spoiled me and thanks to them all I have made it through this period easily.

I am happy to be a Beth Joles resident.”

Beth Joles resident – R. R.

“We’ve known Beth Joles a long time – back from the days of our grandmother and we have always felt comfortable coming to visit. We feel that our father is in a place where he is loved and cared for, no matter what his health situation is.

Not everyone gets to receive such dedicated treatment, with a smile, interest, and warmth as you provide here.” 

The children of P. D. 

To be at home, with the pampering and “extras” of a retirement residence

The services offered to residents in line with their changing needs allow them to continue living a comfortable and rich life: medical services are close by; we offer spacious and pleasant public and private areas, a professional staff that operates with transparency and is diligent about maintaining steady contact with residents’ families, a rich cultural world and a range of activities suitable for residents, and more.

We do not stop striving to do our utmost for Beth Joles residents and work unceasingly to strengthen their personal sense of significance, empowerment and well-being with dignity and devotion. 

Our residents are happy, enjoy comfort and quality of life, broad worlds of content and a sense of community throughout the day.

We bolster residents’ functionality during this significant period of life and take care to empower them as individuals in our community.

How do we do this? You are invited to leave your contact details here. It will be our pleasure to call you and give you more information and set up a visit to Beth Joles so you can experience for yourself what our residents already know.