1 Kikar Harakafot, Haifa

Leisure and Culture

Beth Joles residents are important to us and we enjoy making sure they do enjoy themselves.

At Beth Joles, we put special emphasis on the world of culture and leisure in an exceptional way. A rich and full life is important for anyone to be happy and satisfied and at Beth Joles we work to ensure our residents are fulfilled and joyful. 

We take care to enrich residents’ worlds of content, to offer appealing, innovative, and meaningful activities in line with the interests of each resident.

“The word “no” does not exist in the vocabulary of Beth Joles staff. Assistance is always offered and a refusal is never heard. Very good food and attention paid to residents’ requests.
In short, a home as it should be – it’s worth moving here.”

Beth Joles resident – M. M.

“I have no words to thank everyone for their devoted care for and wonderful attitude toward our father, and us, his family. Father loved you all and was very happy throughout the 16 years he lived at Beth Joles.”

Y. H.’s children 

A full and absorbing life in a nurturing community

Beth Joles has an active Culture Committee comprising both the activities manager and residents.

Committee members help plan and oversee cultural and leisure programs.

We are attentive to requests and suggestions brought by residents, both those in the independent residence and those in the nursing care wing who are fully involved in the various activities.

Residents are informed of the assorted activities through notices on the different communication boards positioned throughout Beth Joles, through the internet and the internal Whatsapp and through the special newspaper that is issued from time to time and presents the activities and lifestyle at Beth Joles.

At Beth Joles, there are no idle moments. Residents enjoy a range of classes from the world of sports and fitness, in line with the awareness of the great importance of maintaining a healthy lifestyle. There are exercise classes, yoga, tai chi, Feldenkrais, healthy living workshops and more. 

Creative and enrichment classes: Art, sketching, ceramics, choir, languages.

Various lectures on a range of topics, cultural and sing-along evenings with top performers, concerts, field trips, marking of holidays, ceremonies, special days, etc.

Festivals, holidays and Shabbat

Field trips

Physical exercise

Arts and crafts

A large library

Concerts and performances

Coffee and cake in the communal living area

Evening BBQ

And much more

“The professional and devoted staff at Beth Joles is ready to help and does so with great sensitivity, compassion and inclusion, exactly as we saw the staff treat the rest of the home’s residents. We were always received with a smile and empathy, which were for our mother and us like a breath of fresh air during the difficult period that was so hard. After a few days, because of the devoted care and the very professional attention that she received, mother regained her mobility using a walker and since then we have been watching her progress in amazement.”

The Lederer Family