1 Kikar Harakafot, Haifa

Nursing Department

Being there and supporting you at all times

The department has a homey atmosphere with a professional and experienced staff who take great care to protect the dignity and privacy of residents.

Residents can participate in the cultural and leisure activities of independent residents as much as they want. Our staff will take care of you expertly, with dignity, and provide the support you may need.

“I wanted to tell you how much I appreciate and love the department’s staff. They loved my mother so much and I always felt that I had someone I could talk to, who treated us with sensitivity and compassion and did everything they could for us.”

Rachel, the daughter of B. H. 

What facilities does the nursing department have?

Beth Joles has a nursing department that is licensed and supervised by the Ministry of Health as well as physical therapy and occupational therapy rooms. The department has 36 beds available to residents and is equipped with the latest technology. 

The department’s rooms have a cosy design and can accommodate one or two people. They serve as a comfortable space for residents requiring temporary nursing, for recovery following hospitalization or for an extended or permanent period.

In the nursing department we continue to maintain a homey atmosphere, and to involve and integrate residents in the department in ongoing activities.

Medical and nursing services round the clock.

A range of paramedical services for full and complete support of each resident. Diagnosis, assessment, and appropriate treatment in the areas of:
Physical therapy – With a range of exercise equipment 
Occupational therapy – From the cognitive, motor, and social aspects
Activities – Individual or group activities in the areas of music, current events, movement and more 
Nutrition – Consultation and building of a menu custom-tailored to each resident and their needs, tracking of weight and blood tests. Putting the emphasis on healthy eating through conversations with residents.

A kitchen that makes home-cooked-style, balanced, and kosher meals daily using fresh ingredients and matching individual dietary needs, throughout the day.

A hairdressing salon and pedicure services.

A professional support system of social workers, offering continual interaction and contact with residents.