1 Kikar Harakafot, Haifa

Our Team

צוות הבית הינו צוות מקצועי ותיק ומיומן.
הצוות המסור שלנו זמין בכל עת ואקטיבי – יוזם ועומד לרשות הדיירים.
בזכות היחס המספרי בין הצוות המקצועי לדיירים, הטיפול תמיד אישי, מושקע ומסביר פנים.


Beth Joles is guided by a Board of Directors comprised of five members. Their policies are executed by the manager of the house, who has a PhD. in gerontology from the University of Haifa. The manager supervises the work of the cultural affairs and marketing manager, the maintenance and operations manager, the chief administrative officer, the chief of financial services, the chef and the chief of the housekeeping department.

Medical and nursing services and the reception desk are staffed 24/7. All other services are available on short notice, if needed, after a phone call from the reception desk to the relevant employees.

Dr. Galit PInto, Director

Medical and Nursing Staff

40 medical and paramedical personnel provide round the clock medical and nursing services.

Medical Director